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Mami let the hot water run over her, trying to rinse the stress of the day down the drain. Baths to her, were for soothing aches and pains and ridding oneself of exhaustion. Showers were more metaphorical; she could easily visualize the irritation and frustration she felt run down her skin and into the drain, never to be seen again.

She had always hated living alone, but now that she lived with Kyouko and Homura, she relished in the few minutes of peace she could accumulate, namely, being in the shower. She was always the last to complain in any given situation, but sometimes she just wanted to vent...and it was hard to vent to the people causing the problems. It wasn't that Kyouko and Homura were bad housemates. Homura was tidy to the point of being immaculate, and Kyouko kept the room that she and Mami shared much cleaner than her old room that Homura now occupied...but that was just it, wasn't it? They were good housemates, and didn't really cause any trouble. In the end, she supposed, she felt as though she were renting to strangers rather than with friends or family. She and Kyouko had gotten closer, to be sure, mending the bonds that were once broken, but something was missing. She kept her own feelings locked away; they weren't something she dwelled on. She knew how she felt, and had known for awhile, but she knew nothing would come of unrequited feelings, so there really wasn't any sense in pining over something that wouldn't bear fruit. None of them were normal, and she supposed that was part of it, but...they were all in the same boat, so why didn't they know each other any better than before? Where was the block that needed to be moved? She pondered on it further. It was shocking, but Kyouko was the most open of all of them. She had easily explained her story, including her past with Mami, one night over tea. Homura was an enigma- neither of the girls knew much about her at all- and Mami had never revealed much about her past. Something needed to give, and she supposed she would have to be the one to take the first step.

Mami decided she had stood in the shower long enough, her thoughts getting her nowhere. It was time to finishing washing. Before she could make a move, she heard the door open and bare feet against tile floor.

This is awkward. If I pretend not to know they're here, maybe they'll notice someone's in the shower and leave.

The footsteps silenced, and the room was quiet save for the cascading water. It stayed that way for a moment; long enough for her to think she had missed the footsteps retreating. That was until the shower door was flung open and a very sleepy and very naked Kyouko stepped in.

"Kyouko! I- What- What are you doing?"

"M'taking a shower. You know, that thing people do to practice good personal hygiene."

"People usually take showers alone."

"Boring people take showers alone, and It's your own fault anyway. I tried to wait on you to get out," she yawned, "but you were taking too damn long."

"Well it's my house. I can stay in the shower as long as I like."

Kyouko stayed quiet for a moment. "You're a penny-pincher. Think of it as a money saving opportunity. It saves on water having two people shower at once."

Mami wasn't quite sure how to respond to that.

"Let me get under there."

"I haven't even washed yet."

"Then what were you doing in here for so long!?"

"I- That is-"

"You were being all doom-and-gloom again weren't you?"

"What are you talking about?"

"I've watched you the past few days. You've been sad."

"I'm not sad!...I'm just- I just."

"It's okay, you don't have to explain anything right now, though this is as good a place as any to  explain your feelings." a beat. "Give me the naked truth."

Mami snorted, but said nothing else.

Kyouko smirked, "Really, it's fine, but you need to perk up. You know, like these lovelies here." Trying to lighten the mood, she promptly grabbed Mami's breasts from behind.

"EEEEEE! Kyouko what are you-!"

Kyouko laughed, but didn't remove her hands. Mami turned beet red and scowled until Kyouko suddenly stopped laughing.

"Geez, Mami. Did you drink a lot of milk when you were little or what?"

"What are y-"

"These things are HUGE."

"Kyouko that's eno-"

And then she began massaging them. Mami wanted to protest. Every rational side of her told her to, but her irrational side; the one that had been hoping and planning for something- well, not necessarily this particular scenario- like this to happen told her to just enjoy it. She lifted one arm behind her head, and grabbed Kyouko's wrist with her opposing hand, startling the red-haired girl. Kyouko's first thought was that she had horribly offended Mami, and was about to be removed from the premises, but then she saw Mami was smiling, her eyes closed. Mami moved Kyouko's hand lower, just a bit.

"This," she said, "feels best."

It was Kyouko's turn to blush, the color of her skin almost blending with her hair.

"Y-Y-You enjoy that?" Kyouko stammered.

Mami nodded. "Yes, because it's you."

No words were needed in that moment. Kyouko, although sometimes dense, completely understood the depth of those words, and with her understanding, she retained some of her old confidence.

She smirked, and had planned to continue what she started, until Mami turned. They faced each other for a long moment, the water still pouring over them, both wearing hesitant smiles. Mami reached up and put her hand on Kyouko's cheek.

"You know, when you left," Mami swallowed, "I was devastated."

"I'm sor-"

"No, let me finish."

"I was so hurt. I wanted you to tell me your feelings, and I wanted you to rely on me. I wanted to be your savior in your darkest moment" Her facial expression became frustrated. "I realize now that was selfish. I wanted you to confide in me, but I never tried to reciprocate."


"I want to tell you," she leaned up and planted a kiss on the corner of Kyouko's mouth, "I want to tell you everything, and I want you to do the same."

She sighed, "I know that we don't have much of a future, being stuck in this distorted reality but," she embraced her, and smiled as she felt Kyouko awkwardly return it, "whatever happens, however long we have, I want you to be the one I spend that time with, for better or for worse."

Kyouko put her hands on Mami's shoulders and held her at arm's length. She bit her lip, trying to form words, but settled on two. "M-me too."

Nothing else needed to be said. Mami leaned up and kissed Kyouko's cheek once more and turned around.

There was a moment of awkward silence before Mami broke it.

"Now, as punishment for interrupting my shower, you're going to wash my hair."

...and I heard your heart beating, you were in the darkness, too; so I stayed in the darkness with you.
This just sort of happened.
tasakeru828 Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Gah, I'm sorry it took so long to read this.

Lovely little piece of angst and fluff you've got here. Why do I always find Kyoko making fun of Mami's boobs to be hilarious?
MartAnimE Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2012
And then Homura walked in on them... :p Just kidding! :D

That was very good! :clap: Really sincere and sweet. :nod:
Rosenal Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2012
:D Sharing that tumblr pic was a really good idea. I'm happy you wrote and finished this because this is something that shouldn't be left to half-finished fic teasing! :P You do a great Kyouko though. Her boob grab is priceless.
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